Julius and Rosalie Riski

Julius and Rosalie Riski

Friday, October 26, 2012

Theodor Reschke

I am not able to locate the records of Martin’s children Julius and Augusta from his first marriage.  The records may be found in Butow, Parish. The evangelic parish registers of Butow are lost but, the catholic records 1836-1945 may still available, but are not indexed yet. 

There are not any RESCHKE in the evangelic registers of Gross Tuchen (Klein Tuchen belonged to the parish) around this time.  The pages for the evangelic baptisms between 1843 and 1848 are destroyed, the Catholics are available completely. 

There are 2 birth records of RASCHKE, Johann Friedrich 1849 and Carl Heinrich 1850, but they were from Neuhuetten and Moddrow respectively. 

Reconstructing the birth dates from later records I have put together my best guess on the actual birth dates of Martin and Ewa and their children:
Martin           1810-1819              
Ewa              1821-1825              

Augusta         1848-1850              
Julius            1850-1852

Theodor        March 3, 1853          Bytow, Pomerania
Frank            July 10, 1856           Dywan, West Prussia
Robert          March 2, 1859          Dywan, West Prussia

There was a village of Gross Nossin, Pomerania now Nozyno, Poland north of Bütow

Birth records were not found for Julius or Augusta, Martin and Eva’s two oldest children in Tuchomie, Ugoszcz or Lipusz Parish.

The next record is the baptism of Theodor Bernhard.


The record is for the church in Bytow, Theodor was baptized on March 28 and born on the 3rd.  Underneath his name written in a different pen is "emigrated to America".  This may be written here if he needed birth records in order to leave the county or if once in America had written and requested his birth records. 

I believe this child to be Theodor Reschke who came to Pine Creek and was on the 1880 census living with and listed as the brother of Frank.  Theodor later moved to Roseau County, Minnesota and died there and I suspect he is the half brother of Julius.

The birth record lists Martin Reschke zimmerman and Ewa Nosinska

In the appendix, under Martin’s name there is a note: Thomas Andrew Reszka from Studnitz and Eleanor (P,K,)Sgikuig (Pzikuiz, Szultz) from Hygendorf (Udorpie).  I am not sure if this is a reference to Martin's Parents

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Martin Reschke and Ewa Nosinska

I have found a marriage record from the parish of Tuchomie south of Bytow and west of Sominy, Poland.

The lines below are labeled record 2, from September of 1852 and record 1, from January of 1853. Both of these records are for the marriage of Ewa Nosinska, but it is not certain if this is the same Ewa Nosinska or two different people.

Both records are for the village of Klein Tuchen and both Ewa Nosinska are from the village of Klein Tuchen. On the top record Ewa was age 26 in 1852 which would be a birth year of 1826, on the bottom record she was age 28 in 1853 which would be a birth year of 1825

The top record is for Johann Zalinski age 26 (1826) from Damerkow; the bottom record is for Martin Reschke age 41 (1812) of Bütow.

The first column on the 2nd half of the book it looks like for all the records, it lists a male with same last name as the Bride, this maybe the person who gave the bride away which if this was normally the father of the bride would mean both Ewa’s are not the same.
If this is the case then it wouldn’t be the same Ewa as record 1 lists Johann and the other Jacob Nosinski. The last column looks like it is witnesses and lists two people each time.

The top record lists Johann Nosinski of Klein Tuchen, marriage date of 13 of September and the last column I would think are the witnesses 1. Joseph v. Borzyskowski and 2. John Skiba in Klein Tuchen.

The bottom record lists Jacob Nosinski of Klein Tuchen, marriage date of 10 of January, witness Joseph v. Borzyskowski and 2. Joseph Nosinski in Klein Tuchen.

If this is the same Ewa Nosinska she would have been remarried four months later and seems unlikely.  There have been at least 3 NOSINSKI families in Klein Tuchen during the period around 1850: Casimir, Jo(h)annes and Jacobus who maybe brothers.  

There have been two Ewa/Evas probably cousins and nearly the same age.

Working with a contact from Germany, Martin was a widower, column 5 of the marriage record,  “Die Frau gestorben” (the [his] wife died).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Four Reszka's

As long as I have been doing family research there has always been the nagging mystery of how the four Reszka families who came to Walsh County were related. I think I now have a closer answer, but there is still more work to be done.

Julius Peter Reszka

Julius Peter Riski I now think was born in June 11 of 1852 and came with his father Martin in 1859 on the ship Donau. I have always believed that his parents were Martin Reszka and Ewa Nosinska, but this may not be the case. Martin and Ewa were married on the 10th of January, 1853 in the Parish of Niezabyszewo. Martin is listed as living in Bytow and Ewa from Klein Tuchen. This would mean that Julius and his older sister Augusta were from an earlier marriage of Martin or Ewa, but I haven't been able to find evidence of this.

Carl \ Charles \ Karol Reszka

Charles Riski was born September 8, 1833 and according to ships records when he came over in 1869 was from Hiegendorf or Hygendorf, Pommerania now Udorpie, Slupsk, Poland. The Parish records are also from Niezabyszewo and show the birth of a daughter Pauline Anna to Carl Reschke and Anna Gast.

Jan Reszka

John Riske was born July 1, 1841 in Prussian, Poland, but there is a gap in the records for that time in Bernsdorf (Ugoszcz) Parish. John was married to Augusta Betka in the village of Studnitz on February of 1870 in Bernsdorf Parish, Pomerania.

Bartholomew Reszka

Bartholommy was born August 15, 1838 in Prussian, Poland. On ships records when he came over in 1880 he is listed as from Tremessen, Posen, and now Trzemeszno, Poland. His wife and children who came later in 1881 were also listed from Tremessen, Posen, which is futher south than Ugoszcz and Niezabyszewo Parish.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maryanna Kruszynski

I have found another Maryanna Marmurowski married to Joannes Kruszynski from Sominy who had a daughter Monica Francisea in 1824. Monica Kruszynska married Martin Peplinski and they had a daughter Augusta born in Dywan, Poland. This may be significant because Augusta Peplinski’s god parents were Simon and Faustina Reszka.

I also have a Joannes Kruszynski who married Maryanna Reszkowa in 1821. Joannes was age 27 (1794) and Maryanna age 41 (1780)
This may be the same person as Maryanna Reszka (Marmurowska) the widow of Laurent Reszka.

Maryanna Kruszynski died in June 1859 in Sominy at age 60, a few months before Marcin Reszka and his family left for the United States.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reszka Family Crest

Arrow or Dart - Readiness (for battle)
Horns - Strength and fortitude
Star (estoile or mullet) - Celestial goodness; noble person

German heraldry signifies the six-pointed star, whereas in French heraldry, the five-pointed star is used

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Juliuz Peter Reszka


Julius Riski was born to Marcin Reszka and Eva Nosinska, in Kaszubia, West Prussia on June 15, 1849. He immigrated to Winona, MN with his parents, two brothers and a sister in August of 1859. After arriving in Winona for the 1860 census, Julius's family moved to Trempealeau County, Wisconsin for the 1870 census. On February 14, 1876 Julius married Rosa (Ctibor) Skibor, being a minor she had to gain the consent of her father. The marriage certificate was from the Winona District Court and states that Rosa was duly presented by her bother to be joined in marriage to Julius Riske living in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. The ceremony was witnessed by Frank Reszke and Ludovicus Liberski and officiated by a Catholic Missionary priest, Romould Byzewski. Julius's wife Rozalia, was of Bohemian descent and immigrated to Winona with her parents, Matthew and Anna Ctibor in 1870.

Almost a year after their wedding, a son, Valentine, was born, but died soon after. A second son, Francis Zavier Riszka, was born on December 31, 1878, in Winona. Another family history states that Julius moved to Walsh County with his wife Rosalie Stebar and their son Frank, who was three months old.

Julius and his family came by train with all their possessions including: a team of oxen, a wagon, a plow, a milking cow, 10 chickens, and several sacks of oats and some wheat for seed. By rail boxcar, they could only go as far as Fisher's Landing, now Fisher, Minnesota. From there they had to trek to Ardoch Township and made their first home in a river bank with swamp grass for a roof.

1880 Census Place: Township 155, Harriston, Grand Forks, Dakota Territory

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Julius RISKI
Wife M Female W 19 POLAND Keeping House POLAND POLAND

They did little farming the first years, breaking at most only about ten acres a year, subsisting on wild game, fish, along with milk and vegetables they grew. They started with 80 acres of land, grubbed out, tilled, and planted. After a few more years, more land was obtained in Walshville Township, where a six acre tree claim was planted and cared for and after six years it was owned by them.

During the winter Julius trapped game and sold pelts, going by foot to the trading post. At harvest time, he walked sixty miles to work on the threshing crews, on the bonanza farms near Casselton. The money he earned there went to buy provisions until he could afford to build a log house. Several children were born in their log house and in 1910 a beautiful home was build where they continued to raise their family. There were fifteen children born to the couple: Valentine, Frank, John, Joseph, Julius, Anastasia, Leo, Susie, Felicia, Martin, Amelia, Agnes, Steven, Sophia, and Effie. Valentine died soon after his birth in Winona; Julian died at the age of six months; and Sophie died in 1905, at the age of three months.

1885 State Census: Walsh County, North Dakota

Name Age (Birth) Relation Occupation Nativity ED
30 1855 Head Farmer Poland 04-013-33
Areski,Rosy 27 1858 Wife Poland 04-013-34
Areski,Frank 7 1878 Son MN 04-013-35
Areski,John 5 1880 Son Dakota 04-013-36
Areski,Joseph 3 1882 Son Dakota 04-013-37
Areski,Julius 3/12Mar Son Dakota 04-013-38
Covaliski,Joseph 24 1861 servant Poland 04-013-39
Miller,Peter 35 1850 servant Poland 04-013-40

Julius and Rosalie retired from farming and moved to Minto in 1920, and their son Martin took over the farm.

Julius died at the age of 76, on February 22, 1925. Rose then lived with her daughter Effie, until she died in 1950, at age 91. Both are buried at the Sacred Heart Cemetery, in Minto, with their head stones carved in Polish.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Descendants of Laurent Reszka

Descendants of Laurent Reszka

Laurent Reszka was born in about 1754, according to his death records. Laurent was probably born in Ugoszcz Parish, Poland, but existing birth records for the parish only begin in 1768.

Ugoszcz Parish is just south east of Bytów (Bütow), Poland, and is now in Bytów Gminy (County), in the district of Slupsk. At the time Laurent was living, Ugoszcz was known as Bernsdorf in German, and was part of Pomerania and the village where Laurent was from is on the boarder with West Prussia.

Based on the birth records of their children Laurent Reszka married Marianna Marmurowska sometime before 1805, but marriage records are missing between 1794-1803 for Ugoszcz Parish, so the exact date may be hard to confirm.

In most Polish names such as Marmurowski, the “i” on the end would indicate a male person the “a” at the end of Marmurowska would indicate a female. Other forms of surnames such as Reszka which already has an “a” on the end, would use Reszkowa to indicate a female or another form, Reszkowna would indicate an unmarried female.

The family name Reszka possibly came from the village of Reszki which is near Wejherowie, Poland. Wejherowie is further north than Ugoszcz, and close to Gdansk, Poland or on the map above Gdansk, is shown as Danzig in German.

A number of family names from the Ugoszcz Parish seem to come from nearby villages such as Rudnik from Rudniki and Prondzinski from Prondzonka. Many of the early records use the term "Von" which literally means "from" in German, such as von Czapiewski from the village of Czapiewitz in German or Czapiewice in Polish. The same is true of the village of Rekowo shown below, which becomes the surname Rekowski and the Village Osowo, which becomes the surname Osowski.

At the time of Laurent and Marianna’s marriage they lived in Sommin, Bernsdorf Parish, Pommern. Sommin is the German spelling of the Polish village which now known as Sominy, in Ugoszcz Parish, Poland. Sominy is a small village on Lake Sominy. On the map below from about 1871 the Village of Sommin is shown just above Gross Somminer See or Greater Lake Sommin and below the Village of Divan on the map is Klien Somminer See or Little Lake Sommin, which is now know as Dywanskie or Lake Dywan, in Poland.

The Village of Dywan is significant because that is where one of Laurent and Marianna’s children, Martin lived before coming to the United States.

Martin or Marcin was born on October 22, 1810

Between 1805 and 1819 Laurent and Marianna had five children, but in the year of the birth of their last child Anna in 1819, Laurentinus died at the age 65.

According to Laurent’s age on his death record, this would have made him age 51 when his first recorded child was born and 65 when his last was born, so I am not certain that this is correct.

The death date is in Latin and looks like its dated April 17.

On the death register, the record right below Laurent’s is also from Sommin, this was the death of Marianna v. Czapiewska utor Jacobi Marmurowski, aged 60. This could be Marianna Czapiewska wife of Jacob Marmurowski or Marianna von Czapiewski daughter of Jacob Marmurowski

The word utor which it translates in the dictionary as:
utor : to associate with, find.
utor : to take advantage of, benefit or profit from, use.
utor : uti : usus : to use, employ, possess, enjoy.
utor : with traits of character,

So Jacob is Marianna’s husband or person she used to live with at his place, possibly a brother or a relation. Jacob Marmurowski had a child in Sominy in 1784 and there was a Jacob Marmurowski as a godparent or witness the two Laurent and Mariana Reszka children’s births.

Jacob Marmurowski and Marianna Reszka were witnesses to the birth of a child in Sommin of Laurentinus Skiba, so I believe there maybe a connection of these families but I am not sure how.

I was unable to find a marriage record for Jacob Marmurowski to confirm his wife’s name and I have no other death record for Marianna Marmurowska nee Reszka to confirm she was not the one listed on the death record just below Laurent.

The Children of Laurent Reszka and Marianna Marmurowski are:

1. Castintia Reszka, born September 1805.
Sponsors: Johann Meyer and Mariana Davidowa
2. Marianna Reszka, born February 1808 in Sominy, Ugoszcz Parish, Slupsk, Poland (Sommin, Bernsdorf, Pomerania). She married Gottlib Chwanein February 1828 in Sominy age 21.
Sponsors Jacob Marmurowski and Julianna Szlyka
3. Marcin Reszka, born October 22, 1810 in Sominy, Ugoszcz Parish, Slupsk, Poland (Sommin, Bernsdorf, Pomerania); died August 08, 1891 in Winona, Winona County, Minnesota.
Sponsors: Jacob Zelka and Elizabeth Volzes (Volyes)
4. Simon Thomas Reszka, born October 1816 in Sominy, Ugoszcz Parish, Slupsk, Poland (Sommin, Bernsdorf, Pomerania); died Aft. 1872. He married Faustina Glawczewska.
Sponsors: Michael Felzek and Magalena Gardzewski
5. Anna Apolonia Reszka, born November 1819 in Sominy, Ugoszcz Parish, Slupsk, Poland (Sommin, Bernsdorf, Pomerania)2; died 1827 in Sominy, Kaszubia, Poland3.
Sponsors: Casmirmius Jadzewski and Christina Dombrowska

At the time of Laurent’s death his eldest child was Castintia only age 14. At this time sure what happened to Castintia, but after the death of Laurent and possibly Marriana, I have no record of the family until the children started to get married beginning in 1828.

If both parents had died in 1819 then the children would probably gone to live with relatives. There were other Reszka families living in surrounding parishes, and Sommin was in Bernsdorf, Pomerania and to the east was Lippusch Parish, in West Prussia, and to the South was Brusy, West Prussia. Being at the center of three Parishes there may be records in surrounding churches.

Generation No. 2

Marcin Reszka was born October 22, 1810 in Sominy, Ugoszcz Parish, Slupsk, Poland (Sommin, Bernsdorf, Pomerania), and baptized in St. Mary Magdalene Church in Ugoszcz.

After Martin’s father died when he was nine the next record we have of him are from Lipusz Parish where Martin and his wife Ewa Nosinska had baptized two of their four children born in West Prussia.

Martin married Eva Nosinska sometime before 1848 in West Prussia and Eva was born in about 1823 in West Prussia. Eva may be related to Jacob Nosinski for Wiele Parish.

Marriage records for Martin and Eva were not available in Lipusz Parish, but if they were married Wiele Parish where Eva may have been born, records may still be obtained.

On the detailed map above from about 1873, individual buildings can be seen as well as the border between Pomerania and West Prussia which runs through Lake Dywan and Lake Sominy. Sominy and Dywan are on a series of connected lakes that are now a popular canoeing and vacation area.

Birth records were not found for Julius or Augusta Martin and Eva’s two oldest children in Ugoszcz or Lipusz Parish.